Our Secret Sauce

Success is a client who is in love with their new website. To make that happen, we have a “Secret Sauce recipe” to make your website awesome. While the itemsbelow are not the only ingredients of our Secret Sauce, they are some of the most important. They are what set us apart from other web design companies.

Websites should be:

1. Fun to visit

Imagine this: you’ve just finished reading a book from a promising new author. The writing was spectacular, the scenes were vivid, and the characters seemed almost as real to you as your own family. You eagerly look up the author’s website, hoping to find out when their next book is coming out.

What’s this? You must have typed in the wrong address; the website looks terrible! Where’s the witty banter that made you laugh? The website’s text reads more like an obituary from 1782 than anything your beloved author could have penned. Talk about disappointing!

Unfortunately, this isn’t a rare situation. Lots of great authors have boring websites. Our authors don’t. We coach our authors through every step of the online platform building process.

2. Easy to update

Here’s the deal: we want you to own your website. This means that you feel comfortable updating your website by yourself. It’s your voice that needs to get out to your readers. Of course, you could pay us to update it for you, but we get excited when clients discover the joy of managing their own websites. Not only will your site be easy to update, but your Website Package will come with free one-on-one training to teach you how to use and update your site.

We have helped clients from all over the world, from Austin, Texas, to Saint Petersburg, Russia, learn to update their own websites. For an insider’s look at how easy our sites are to update, see what our clients are saying.

3. Beautiful

Trust us, we don’t like ugly websites either. You couldn’t pay us to build one. There’s enough junk on the Internet already without us having to add to the pile. We build beautiful websites that are helpful, interesting, and fun to visit.

Great looking websites don’t need to be expensive. For more on our approach to web design, see our CEO’s article Why print designers fail at web design.

Want to get a feel for our design aesthetic? Check out our portfolio of author websites.

Want to try our “Secret Sauce” to spice up your online platform? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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