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What’s your author story? The answer may be more important than you think. On February 29th, 2012, Facebook unveiled the long-awaited Timeline for pages.

What does that mean for authors? It means that the game has changed once again.

Facebook knows that story is what drives people. As an author, the cards are stacked in your favor.

In the world of marketing, Timeline is about amplifying the stories that businesses want to tell (and want others to tell as well.) For authors, the challenge is to share your stories and get your community to tell the stories of how your books have impacted their life. Your books are your brand.

Are you ready to tell your story? People want to hear it. They crave it. That’s one of the reason you get so many friend requests. (Here’s 10 ways to get more fans this week).

Instead of relying on your personal profile to interact with your clients, you can keep your fan page as a buffer. You only have to share as much as you want. As an author, you can now tell your stories online without feeling like you are spamming your friends and family.

Every industry leader will have a different opinion but I believe that the new Timeline for Brands will make things much less painful for authors.  Many authors come to me asking me how to avoid self-promotion on their personal page. I usually advise them to keep a posting schedule and to keep the majority of their updates on their personal page personal.

I’m going to be addressing Timelines (personal and brand) in more depth in Facebook Timeline for Authors. But for now, here’s why I’m excited about pages for authors.

You can now:

  • Share the stories behind your books,
  • Tell your author story,
  • Share your triumphs,
  • Interact deeply with fans,
  • Customize your cover photo as a marketing asset, and
  • Send email from your group page instead of your personal page.

Another massive change that was unveiled was Facebook Premium. According to Facebook’s internal data, there is a standard 10% interaction rate on pages. Facebook Premium boasts a 75% interaction rate. Premium is geared towards businesses but can easily be adapted for authors as well. Author Media can help you figure out

If you don’t understand how Facebook Timeline will affect you as an author, you can schedule a consultation with our Social Media Specialist.

We’re excited about the new changes in Facebook and are preparing help all of our clients navigate the tricky waters ahead. Don’t be afraid to ask us how.

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