What if I told you that there was one easy way to optimize your Facebook page, get more fans, and earn credibility as an author?

There is.

It’s something simple, highly effective, and often overlooked.

It’s also the secret to getting people over to your author page. Do you know what it is?

Debbie Skinner does.

Debbie is an artist, speaker, and author. It’s important for her to let people know who she is and how she can help them. But like most of us, she doesn’t want to be “that person.”

You know, the person who treats their Facebook page like their very own informercial on the Home Shopping Network.

Optimized Author Facebook Profile

Look at her profile. Do you see the secret?

It’s there. Look again.

The Secret is simple.

Treat your writing profession like a profession.

List your writing page as where you work. If you are a writer, let the world know!

The simple act of declaring yourself as a professional writer will invite people to treat you like one. It is also one of the top ways to drive traffic to your Author page organically. You don’t have to pay anything to get those fans.

If you already have an Author page, it makes sense to link it with your personal page. If you don’t have an Author page, they are easy to set up. Contact me if you want it done professionally.

Here’s how to link your pages:

1. Find the “About” section on your personal page.

About section on Facebook

For those of you who have switched over to Timeline, click the little profile picture icon of yourself in the upper right corner. That will take you to your main profile page.

The “About” section is located in the section beneath your profile picture. The picture above is a snapshot of mine, just so you can see what it looks like.

Tweetables –

  • The secret Facebook optimization tip you need to do now. – Click to tweet.
  • Oh wow, this is an incredibly simple (and obvious) Facebook tip. Do it! – Click to tweet.
  • Are you an author on Facebook? Optimize your profile with this little trick. – Click to tweet.
  • Why didn’t I do this sooner? It’s so easy! – Click to tweet.
  • I usually don’t say “optimize” when it comes to Facebook but I just did. – Click to tweet.

2. Find the “Work and Education” section.

Work information on Facebook

This should be the top section on your “about” page. Click the edit button.

In this picture, my information is filled in with Castle Media Group as my employer. Being a Social Media Manager is my primary function, so that is what I choose to highlight.

For professional writers, the story is different. You are an entrepreneur in many respects. You need to build your brand. Entering in your day job information is optional. Putting in your author page shouldn’t be.

3. Enter the name of your Author page.

Find your author Facebook page

In this illustration, I’m using the Author Media page but you will want to put in the name of your public Author page like Debbie did.

Fill in your author work information

You’ll want to fill out the following information with “owner”, “writer”, or “speaker.” Whichever fits your brand best.

That’s it.

That’s the secret. Be professional.

Did you do it?

Share your Facebook tips in the comment section!


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