“The iPad is so ubiquitous, and so entwined in mainstream culture already, that it is hard to imagine a time without it.” – Tony Bradley, PC World

Last week Apple presented a keynote on the soon to be released New iPad. For those of you writers who haven’t seen it or don’t see how this snazzy new device applies to your industry, here’s the rundown on the features that will undoubtedly change the way authors everywhere are writing and staying connected.

Apple’s influence continues to grow.

Last year alone, Apple sold 172 million post-PC devices. They made a way for authors to create transmedia eBooks with iBooks. They keep revolutionizing the electronic media industry.

There are now 362 Apple stores worldwide in some of the largest global cultural hubs. Apple revolutionized the music industry with the iPod, and now it appears they might be revolutionizing the writing industry with the iPad.

The New iPad will run on iOS, the world’s most advanced and most user friendly mobile operating system to date (the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch all run on iOS). It weighs in at a little under a pound and a half, making it light enough without being wispy, and it sports a design that is so simple that only Apple can get away with it.

The goal is to be the best device to allow you to do the things you do most often, such as browse the web, email, connect via social media, and, for authors, write. (Need ideas on what to write about? Try one of these 50 ideas!)

The New iPad is better than ever.

Check out some of these new features:

1. Retina display: This means that, when the iPad is used at a normal distance from the eye, your retina is unable to discern individual pixels. This allows for vibrant images and sharp text, which is great for reading (and producing enchanting blog posts, etc.). Also a new development in the A5X technology powers graphics four times as fast as before, allowing for the best mobile display ever.

2.iSight camera: A fantastic new camera which comes with auto-exposure, auto-face detection, auto-focus, and a focus and exposure lock.

3. HD video recording: This comes with video stabilization and temporal noise reduction for better quality recording.

4. Voice dictation: This nifty feature allows you to dictate text automatically and is particularly useful for anyone who writes or wishes to dictate notes, emails, etc.

5. Next generation wireless: Thanks to huge advances, the New iPad will be able to download up to 73 megabits per second on LTE. This is extremely useful when browsing the web, downloading, networking, writing, or doing most anything else on the iPad. The New iPad, Apple boasts, is 3G world ready, and can be used as a personal hotspot which can be shared with up to 5 devices.

In addition to these perks, the iPad will continue to do well what it has always done best, which is to serve as a unique device which allows for better mobility and centralization. 

The iPad is great for travel and working on the road as it allows more freedom than would lugging around a big laptop, and it allows more freedom to work from more places. Although it won’t necessarily replace your laptop, it is ideal for using out and around. (Find out how the iPad 2 stacked up against the Asus Transformer). Even with the remarkable speeds and graphics of the New iPad, it will still hold its charge for ten hours, nine hours on a 4G network, allowing for extended hours of mobility.

For all of you writers out there, the New iPad will allow you to write comfortably from anywhere.

There is a keyboard on the screen, although the iPad supports an external keyboard, as well, and both options are easy to use. The device will also allow you to use vivid and beautiful color and images in your writing, a relatively new option for writers who have until more recently been restricted by ink prices.

The New iPad will make it easier for you to manage your blog in and out of the comfort of your own home, and will also allow others to read and share your blog easily.

As far as reading your work or others’ work, the iPad has been the favored device on which to read books.

The Kindle is a good device if all you want to do is read. (Did you see our review of the Kindle Fire?) However, if you want to read, write, create and compile your notes, browse the web and keep connected via email, the iPad is the device for you, plus you can still read Kindle books on the iPad with the Kindle app.

The App Store is larger than ever.

With 585,000 apps, the App Store is filled with numerous applications that are fantastic for the writing process, and these are all supported on the New iPad. The list includes apps for writing, editing, reading, scheduling, and note taking.

With the dawn of the New iPad, however, you can expect more useful apps soon, including one that will allow you to read books and take notes interactively with friends via BookShout.

Will you be getting the New iPad? How often do you use your tablet for reading or writing books? 

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