So you’ve already got an understanding of what Facebook Timeline for brands and authors is about. You even know at least 10 ways to get more fans this week.

Today, we introduce to you to the 4 “Faces” of Timeline for Pages.

If you’ve not figured it out already, Pages actually have four different viewing options available to filter posts the way you want.

Just click the (curiously discreet) button in the center of the page just below your “About” info.

1. Highlights

highlight view on Facebook


highlight view on Facebook

By default, the landing view for your Page is the Highlights. This view packages all the most interesting content in one place to make a strong first impression. This includes all posts by the Page, as well as any particularly wonderful posts by others you’d like to pull into the spotlight.

To the top right of the Timeline, you’ll see a list of Friends who like your Page. Below that, a box showing Recent Posts by Others (posts by others to your Timeline, as well as posts to other Timelines in which your Page has been tagged). Then there’s also a box showing anything you have “Liked” as your Page.

2. Friend Activity

posts by friends

This next view is how to get the skinny on how your friends interact with the Page. It displays a Friends list, any Page posts they have Liked or commented on, and any Timeline posts elsewhere in which they have tagged your Page.

3. Posts by Page

posts by page

This “Posts by Page” view is pretty straight-forward. It filters out everything but the activity and posts of the Page itself.

4. Posts by Others

Posts by others

This final viewing option lets you get up close and personal with everything your fans have been posting to your Page’s Timeline. (Note: this does not, however, include posts in which your Page has been tagged.)

You’re now a master of your Page Timeline’s shape shifting abilities!

Stay tuned to the Author Media blog for more help for authors timid about technology!

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