Kathy Howard

“Author Media not only set-up my website, they patiently taught me how to do maintenance and updates in a way that someone who is ‘technically challenged’ like me could understand.”


Mary DeMuth

“Author Media helped me transfer my blog to my own server, painstakingly worked out the kinks, and gave me a practical, easy-to-use site. Within the first month of relaunching, my traffic went up 1000%.”


Joanna Lueck

“The staff at Author Media were delightful to work with as well as responsive and knowledgable. They brought my vision to life, providing great value for such a reasonable price. Their guidance and willingness to partner to get it just right are tremendously appreciated. I am so grateful for their …


Dr. Merry C. Lin

“One of the best decisions I’ve made in building my platform was to sign up with Author Media. I felt like I was in great hands from beginning to end – the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and customer-service oriented. I’m extremely pleased with the final results of my website and …


Mark McMillion

The Author Media team were cordial, reasonable and professional. The price was not what I was afraid it would be. But I was helped more by the human side of the staff at Author Media than just the technical. Their technical expertise is certainly there. But without their humility and …


Austin Boyd

”Author Media turns the digital world on its ear, and we all win! Their remarkable customer service, counterintuitive insights, and broad understanding of e-commerce make them the first choice for Web Wisdom and formulation of websites and blogs. I won’t recommend any other provider. Ever.”


Angela Hunt

“The wonderful people at Author Media not only understand what I wanted, they helped me understand what I needed. Love my new site, and I especially love how every element of it is now completely adaptable. Author Media did a wonderful job!”

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