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Are you a serious Pinterest addict?

Don’t deny it. There’s nothing wrong with a little Pinterest therapy. It can be a great way to drive traffic to your website.

Just like every other social media network, Pinterest can be a powerful tool. Authors should be on Pinterest. You just need to learn how to harness it before it sucks you in.

We’ve compiled seven free tools that will help you maximize your time on Pinterest. You know, so you can be writing.

Aren’t on the site? Here’s how to set up your Pinterest account.

1. Quozio

Pinterest tools

Not feeling very creative? Don’t want to open up Paint or Photoshop? Create your own pinnable quotes in seconds. Choose from 28 different backgrounds and then copy/paste your quote.

2. Pin Alert

Pin Alerts

This site lets you find out when someone pins content from your website. Instead of wishing for serendipity to happen on the internet, you are able to discover just what is being share, where, and why. Consider it another tool to use when you need to go into full blown analytic mode.

3. Pin Search 

Pinterest search

If you’ve ever used Pinterest, you know how frustrating it is when you find something you want to buy but the link is broken. Maybe it’s a dress, a gadget, or a bookmark. Finding the original source is like searching for a needle in a haystack – while in a tornado.

Pin Search is a Chrome extension that performs a Google image search of the pin. You can track down the original item with the power of Google. It’s a powerful little tool that can help you track sources and find similar items online. We first mentioned it in our Chrome extensions post but if you haven’t added it already, add it. Add it now.


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4. Pin Reach

pinterest analytics

Think of this as Klout for Pinterest. Just like Klout but without the fun prizes for being popular online. Instead, you get numbers to crunch and trends to analyze…which will help you more int the long run.

You can also discover what the top trending pins are and how you can replicate their virality.

 5. PinGraphy


Say what? You can now schedule your pins in advance. You can also upload a massive amount of pins all at the same time. Consider your life changed.

6. Pinterest Chimplets

Mailchimp Pinterest

This may be one of the most useful tools we’ve found. Merge your author newsletter with some of your most recent pins via MailChimp. Starting to pin the places in your next book? Get readers excited before the book hits the shelves – or even the hands of your editors!

7. ShareAsImage


There are two versions of this popular app but we suggest starting with the free version. You can create quotes by highlighting the text and then clicking the ShareAsImage toolbar in your browser.

What Pinterest tools do you swear by? Which ones were new to you?


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