WordPress has just launched version 3.5 of their website content management system. It’s exciting times for developers and writers alike.

They call the update the “Elvin” update; it has nothing to do with The Hobbit or Santa but everything to do with the drummer who played with John Coltrane.


Watch the video to find out more:

Developers and coders are happily geeking out about the changes but many non-tech savvy authors are left wondering what the changes mean for them.

Here are the three big changes that will affect your author website.

1. Easier to Use Media Manager

Screen capture of the new WordPress Media Manager

Screen capture of the new WordPress Media Manager


The new media manager makes it easier for you to control how your photos look on the page.

You don’t have to be a designer to make your photos and page pretty. The drag-and-drop system makes it incredibly easy for you to insert photos onto the page. The gallery feature has also been expanded making it simple to share multiple images in a blog post.

You do however, still have to use legal photos on your blog. The new upgrade doesn’t come with amendments to the law.

Insert Media Page WordPress 3.5


Make sure you pay attention to the bottom right corner of the screen.  This is the attachment display settings and it is very important.

Attachment Display Settings

Attachment Display Settings


Make sure that your image is the right size for your screen. This size is too large to fit comfortably on our blog yet I’ve selected it because it is far easier to shrink an image to fit than to enlarge it.

2. Retina Ready

Retina Ready Screen

Retina Ready Screen


If you have a high-resolution screen, you’ve probably had to deal with fuzzy pixels on the screen. It was enough of an issue for the folks at WordPress to makes sure that the upgrade included an ultra-high resolution on the dashboard.

Now when you are blogging from your iPad, you won’t have to wonder just what those blurry words are saying. However, if your screen is still blurry after the upgrade, you may need glasses.


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3. New Theme Options

WordPress Twenty Twelve

WordPress Twenty Twelve


For the adventurous author, there are more options for your website theme. WordPress has made “Twenty Twelve” the default theme for bloggers. It’s a beautiful theme for anyone starting out.

If you are a professional author, you will want to invest in a professional author website. You don’t want your site looking like everyone elses.

The perks of having a professional author website include someone else doing the work to build the site, a custom theme that has been tailored to your brand, and widgets that make it easier than ever to sell your book from your site. If you want more information on what goes into building a professional author website, contact Author Media.

WordPress 3.5 is perfect for Author Websites

We’re incredibly excited about the “Elvin” release at the office. As a blogger myself, I can’t wait to start playing around with more of the features.

WordPress 3.5 is another solid move by the devlopers. The changes that “Elvin” brings help shrink the learning curve for authors who are not tech-savvy. Which means you’ll have more time to write instead of spending hours trying to google how to do something on your site.

All Author Media websites will be upgrading so that our authors can take advantage of the exciting changes.

If you are already an Author Media hosting client we will be automatically upgrading you to 3.5 over the next few weeks. We will take care of the backups and plugins so all you have to do is enjoy the new features.

Are you excited about the new updates? What would you name the next update?


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