July and August Site Launches

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The slowdown in blogging around here may have given you the impression that business has slowed down for us as well. Not true!

We launched four sites in July and three in August, all of which we are very excited to show.


Linda Goldfarb

Linda Goldfarb

As a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach and a member of the American Association of Christian Life Counselors, Linda’s has a niche ministering to people in seasons of transition. Her tagline is “Hope and possibilities when life changes.”

When her site was in a state of transition, however, Linda turned to us! As a speaker, author, and coach, she needed a site that was easy to navigate, simple to use, and had a warm, inviting feel.

She chose the Gold website package with Mailchimp integration and got a fully customized design that reflects the exact feel she wanted. You can check out her finished site at LindaGoldfarb.com.

Kristi Ross

Kristi Ross

Kristi Ross loves horses, as you can tell quite quickly by visiting her site. She’s been riding horses since she was six years old!

It’s no surprise, then, that Kristi’s first book is about her daughter, Mika, and her horse, Chili. Kristi’s biggest need for her site was building her list of subscribers for when her book comes out.

The Bronze website package with Mailchimp integration was perfect for her needs. Visit her finished site and sign up for her book updates at KristiRoss.com.

Redhead’s Guide

Redhead's Guide

Most of the sites we build tend to be serious is nature. So doing a site for a stand-up comedian was a different experience for us, but we sure had fun doing it!

Currently transitioning from a career as an accountant, Gail Henkel wanted her site to be fun and full of tasteful humor, a place where she could share her “particular brand of redhead crazy.” Along the way, she also wants to provide support and encouragement regarding weight loss for real adult women.

Having purchased the Bronze website package with Mailchimp integration, we were able to find a template that reflected her personality and humor. Check out some of her stand-up comedy at RedheadsGuide.com.

Mary DeMuth

Mary DeMuth

Mary is a long-time client of ours who has a large and diverse ministry through her blogging, books, and speaking. She has a powerful message of freedom that has blessed thousands. When her site needed revamping to reduce clutter, rebrand to “Your Life Uncaged,” and make the store easier to navigate, we were excited to help!

Mary’s new site was a custom design built from a Silver Website Package. It’s clean, easy to navigate, and fits Mary’s message perfectly. Check it out at MaryDeMuth.com.




Did you know that we also do business websites through our Umstattd Media brand? If you didn’t, now you do! Derbyshire is a 350 acre gated community located in North Carolina, and they came to us looking for a website that would reflect the beauty of their community.

The team at Derbyshire was great to work with, and the resulting website is beautiful. They chose the Umstattd Media Gold package for a custom design. You can visit their website at DerbyshireNC.com.

Drew Ellenwood

Drew Ellenwood

Fantasy writer Drew Ellenwood came to us wanting a website that felt almost other-worldly. His books focus on exploring ideas in our reality by looking at it from the perspective of outsiders (does God exist on other planets?).

Drew got a customized website when he purchased the Silver package with Mailchimp integration. See his finished site as DrewEllenwood.com.

Angie Mabry-Nauta

Angie Mabry-Nauta

An ordained minister in the Reformed Church of America and working on her first book, Rev. Angie Mabry-Nauta came to us looking to increase the readership of her blog and gain an audience for her first book. She is passionate about supporting women who have “mother wounds” and female clergy.

Angie chose the Bronze Website package with Mailchimp integration. Check out her site at her new URL, AngieMN.com!

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