It’s time to get ready for conference season.

Thousands of writers will descend on a handful of writer’s conferences this year. Only a few will walk away with a book deal.

To stand out, you must transform into a lean, mean, agent-winning machine….but how?


It’s time to get noticed.

The Karate Kid was just a kid before he met Mr. Miyagi. Rocky was a mess before Mick. And Bilbo Baggins was quite boring before Gandalf. Let’s face it, none of them would be household names without their mentors.

You are going to a writer’s conference to get noticed. You are going to get an agent. You are going because you have stories worth being printed.

So who will be your Mr. Miyagi? Rachelle Gardner and Thomas Umstattd.

That’s right. Double the Miyagi for twice the impact.


So Who is Rachelle Gardner Anyway?


Rachelle is an agent with Books and Such Literary Agency. She has nearly 20 years of industry experience and has done over 120 book deals with some of the biggest publishers in America. She is a sought after conference speaker and her blog ( is one of the most popular literary agent blogs in the world. You want her on your team.

Rachelle is giving the inside scoop as a literary agent and veteran of many writers conferences. If anyone is an authority on the topic, she is.

Who is Thomas Umstattd Jr.?

thomas umstattd

Thomas is a book marketing expert and the founder of Author Media, a company that helps makes authors famous online. He speaks at writers conferences internationally and has helped thousands of writers improve their online platforms.

Learn the Conference Secrets of The Masters.

It’s normal for writers to feel nervous before a writer’s conference. Just like a fighter before he steps into the ring, you have a lot on the line. No matter how many books you’ve written, there’s something about conferences that makes authors nervous.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Rachelle and Thomas are going to help you get ready.


  • What turns agents on, what turns them off and what makes them run away in terror.
  • How to avoid the classic mistakes that scream “amateur”.
  • The 5 things successful authors do before the conference to double their chance for success.
  • How to talk to an agent who’s already booked solid (without staking out the bathroom).
  • Tips, timelines, and goals not offered anywhere else.




Monday March 18th 7pm Central (change timezone)

Cost $15

What you get:

  • Access to the webinar where Thomas & Rachelle will answer your questions. ($19 value)
  • The recording ($49 value)
  • Rachelle little ebook of conference secrets ($49) value
  • Cost: $117 $15


* Money Back Guarantee Fine Print

  • You must actually listen to the webinar to know whether you were blown away or not.
  • You have to show expertise in the wax on, wax off method.
  • You have to let us know within 30 days.


Monday March 18th 7pm Central (change timezone)

Cost $15



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