Ok, so someone told you that you need to get on Twitter but you have no idea how.

Here are 4 steps to get you tweeting like a pro.

Step #1 Sign up

All you need to sign up is go to Twitter.com and click sign up. Don’t rush the setup. Twitter does a great job of walking you through the process, but you have to read their advice for it to do any good.

Username Tip

Make sure to pick a username that is NOT anonymous. FirstnameLastname would be the best username if you can get it. My username, for example, is ThomasUmstattd. Notice how the capital letters separate the first and last name. You can’t have a space in a username.

Helpful Video

This video is helpful is figuring out how Twitter works. But remember no one cares what you are doing right now.

Step #2 Start Following People

Start following people. Twitter is not very interesting until you follow at least 30 people. Twitter can pull in contacts from your Gmail or Yahoo account and help you find people you already know who use twitter. Those are the first people I recommend following first. If you are an author you should also follow these 7 people.

How to follow someone on Twitter:

  1. Go to their profile page by clicking on their name or photo.
  2. Click follow (you will find it under their photo). If you don’t see the follow button it means you need to login to twitter.

Step #3 Setup Your Photo

After you login to Twitter, click on account and then picture.  Then upload your photo. If it doesn’t work the first time you might need to shrink it.

Step #4 Learn The Twitter Vocabulary

Read this article on Twitter tips. Practice sending a tweet using each tip.

Step #5 Earn Followers

Read this article on what to say on Twitter and how to earn followers.

Step #6 Connect Twitter With Facebook (optional)

Here is our step by step guide to connect your Twitter to your Facebook status.

Step #7 Setup Your Phone to Use Twitter (optional)

Here is our step by step guide to setup Twitter on your phone.

That’s it! Leave a comment below if you get stuck or need help.

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