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I don’t care what Justin Bieber* eats for breakfast.

If I did, I would follow him on Twitter. But I don’t care, so I don’t follow him. (FYI, he’s not on the list of people every author should follow.)

Yet, every once in awhile, tweets from the Beibs himself make their way into my Twitter stream.

How does this happen?

This is going to get tricky but stay with me. It’s because someone that I follow on Twitter follows Justin. When Justin tweets and they retweet the tweet, it ends up in my twitter stream. So even though I don’t follow Justin, I get to read his updates.

It’s super annoying and it’s probably happened to you.

Will you just stop with the constant retweets?

There’s no polite way to tell your Twitter friend to quit with the constant retweeting. After all, it’s their account and you made the choice to follow them. You both have freedom of choice. (You also have the freedom to schedule your tweets).

 If it really makes your blood boil, you can always unfollow the user. Pretty simple.

But if your are a personal friend with them or the rest of the content they are putting out is excellent, it gets more complicated.

The nice thing is that there’s a solution. Block their RT’s.

How to turn off retweets

Go to the profile of the person whose retweets you want to turn off. For the sake of illustration, I’m using Author Media.

AuthorMedia Twitter

Click on the icon next to the “following” button. It looks like a silhouette of a person’s head and shoulders. A drop down menu will appear. Now click on “turn off retweets.”

Turn off Retweets

Congratulations! You have successfully turned off retweets from that user.

Choose carefully whose retweets you turn off. Retweets can be a fantastic way to meet new people and learn news before it breaks on traditional media.

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Learn how to turn off annoying RTs. I just did thanks to @AuthorMediaClick to Tweet.

Have you ever blocked someone’s retweets? What factors weigh into that decision?

* Justin Bieber was just used as an illustration. This is a fictional example. You can insert anyone else in there and you’ll get the same idea.

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