Do you struggle with knowing what to do with your blog?  Is your online platform out of shape? Are you embarrassed to publish posts, even though you made a resolution to write? Do you feel paralyzed every time you look at your website?

You aren’t alone.

Every blogger has felt that way from time to time, but you don’t have to feel that way any longer. We’re here to help.

The Author Media Blogging Bootcamp is going to whip you into shape.

In each class, your instructor will meet with you and seven other authors over Google+ and teach you the skills you need to know to be successful as a blogger.

Each session will last one hour and thirty minutes, making sure you have time to ask the questions burning on your mind. The small class size ensures you will receive personalized instruction and feedback.

Class Times: 

There will be two different classes with eight authors in each class. Each class meets once a week on Mondays. Caitlin Muir will be teaching the 1 PM class and Thomas Umstattd will be teaching the 7 PM class. All times are Central.

The first blogging bootcamp session starts Aug. 27, then resumes September 10.

Class Topics:

Each blogging bootcamp session will focus on a different topic, building on each other from week to week.

  • Session 1: It’s a Conspiracy! What Most Big Bloggers Don’t Want You to Know About Titles and Why You Absolutely Need to Know the Truth
  • Session 2: The Anatomy of a Blog Post: Why the Guts of Your Post are as Important as the Content
  • Session 3: SEO Debunked: Rise in Google Rankings Without Being a Nerd
  • Session 4: Save Your Brain: Creating Social Media and Editorial Calendars That Work

Early bird pricing ($199) ends Tuesday, August 21st. Space is extremely limited as there will only be eight authors in each class. Reserve your space now!

Requirements –

  • Blog with at least five posts
  • High speed internet capable of doing video. We will be using Google+. Click on the image below to watch a video explaining how Google+ Hangouts work.

Google Plus Screenshot

Ready to get in shape? Register now!


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