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The number one question we get is “I want to write a book but I don’t know where to start.”

Here is your answer:

Step #1 – Read a Book on Book Proposals

Before you write your non-fiction book you need to write a book proposal.

5 Reasons to Write the Book Proposal First

  1. It’s much less work to write a proposal than a whole book.
  2. A book proposal will give your book focus and direction. Think of it as a super fancy outline.
  3. You will write your book in less time after your proposal is done.
  4. A book proposal will help you build an audience focus instead of an author focus. Authors who write for themselves have a hard time selling their work.
  5. You can sell your book proposal to a publishing house before you even finish your book.

Recommended book proposal books:

Step 2 Start a Blog on Your Subject

How can you expect people to pay for your book if you can’t get them to read your blog for free? Blogging is a great way to hone your craft, build a platform and connect with your audience. For more about starting your book as a blog, read 5 reasons to use your blog as your books’s first draft.

Step 3 – Subscribe to Author Tech Tips

This would be self promotion if we charged money. But we don’t. All our advice on how to build your platform using digital tools is free. Our newsletter is free. Our RSS feed is free. Not sure what an RSS feed is?

At some point, AuthorTechTips will come out in book version. We eat our own dog food.

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