Every month, we highlight the websites that we have built the month before.

In April, we launched two websites and wrapped up our MyBookTable Kickstarter. Now that the plug-in is fully funded, it will be getting in the hands of authors sooner than ever.

April’s authors are two vibrant woman who have specific messages they want to tell the world.

Cherie Fresonke

Cherie Fresonke

When Cherie came to us, she knew it was time to update her website. She wanted a professional website that would be down to earth and welcoming, reflecting her personality and desire to help people.  It was important to her that people were able to access her resources directly on her website.

Cherie ended up with a silver website package with MailChimp and bronze hosting. You can see her new website at CherieFresonke.com.

Holly Varni

Holly Varni

Holly is a novelist who had something specific in mind when she came to Author Media.  She said, “I want people to feel as though they are stepping into or at least getting a peek of my series. The picture should evoke calm and make them take a breath.”

Holly ended up with a gold website package with MailChimp and silver level hosting. That allowed the design team to make sure her website got the specific feel she was looking for. You can check out Holly’s new website at HollyVarni.com.

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