Get More Speaking Gigs

Quickly and easily create an amazing speaking page for your WordPress website.

A WordPress plugin built specifically to help professional public speakers get more speaking gigs.

MySpeakingPage helps you quickly create a professional speaking page that will help you get more gigs by showing off your expertise, testimonials, and more.

MySpeakingPage Features

buttonsshadow Make it easy for event planners to book you with MySpeakingPage' customizable "call to action" button. You pick the text ("Invite Liz to Speak") and where the button goes (

YouTube & Vimeo Integration

videoshadowthomas Show off samples of your speaking in style. Don't have a promo video for your speaking yet? No problem. You can easily substitute a photo (an action image of you speaking in front of an audience works best).

Speakers Bureau Integration

invitethomasDo you have an agency who handles your bookings for you? No problem. MySpeakingPage can integrate with your speakers bureau website.

High Resolution Headshots & Bio

headshots con sombra The two things every event planner asks for you to email them are your photo and your bio. MySpeakingPage puts those often-requested items on a silver platter. No email required. You can even show off high resolution versions of your headshots that may not fit in an email.

Great-Looking Testimonials

testimonials con sombra MySpeakingPage makes it easy to add testimonials. It also makes those testimonials look great with optional photos, titles and more.

All-Around Easy Audio Samples

Do you have some recordings of talks you would like to share? Just click "add audio sample" and MySpeakingPage will handle the rest for you. MSP creates a special audio player where your visitors can listen with a click. Easy for you. Easy for your visitors.

MySpeakingEvents Integration

MSE con sombraevents shadow If you have MySpeakingEvents installed, you can easily show off both upcoming events and past events right there on your speaking page.

Mobile Responsive

MySpeakingPage is 100% mobile responsive.

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