The Busy Author’s Guide To Popularity And Profit On Pinterest

The Busy Author’s Guide To Popularity And Profit On Pinterest

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Mary DeMuth came to Pinterest as a newbie, knowing very little about it. In fact, she had a few boards up with her book covers, which (not surprisingly) had very little interaction and certainly no benefit to’s statistics. She'd read about Pinterest and its crazy-wild potential, so she started experimenting with it. Soon after, she read a marvelous ebook by Melissa Taylor called Pinterest Savvy that answered many of her questions and helped her understand its inner workings.

And then she went crazy (in a cool, not a straight-jacketed, way). She saw pageviews on her website, which had stagnated for a YEAR, quadruple. All because she did a few strategic things with the mighty Pinterest. May the Pin be With You!

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Find out about 7 Free Tools You Can Use to Easily Make Pinnable Images
  • How to Add a Pin It Button to Your Blog
  • How To Grow Your Following on Pinterest
  • How to use Pinterest to hyperdrive your website traffic.
  • How to Track the # of People Pin Your Website
  • How to determine your personal ROI for Pinterest
  • How to maximize your effectiveness while minimizing time spent on Pinterest
  • Winning pinning strategies for both novelists and nonfiction writers (or anyone in business).

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What People Are Saying

Christin-Ditchfield“Mary has put together such a fabulous resource on Pinterest for authors and speakers, full of the kind of practical, helpful information we really need! Most of my blog traffic actually comes from Pinterest now – it’s connected me to a whole new group of readers who have become a part of my community, as I’ve become a part of theirs.

I can’t recommend The Busy Author’s Guide To Popularity And Profit On Pinterest highly enough!”

Christin Ditchfield,
Author, Speaker, and Syndicated Radio Host

What you get ($44.98 Value):

  • The Busy Author’s Guide To Popularity And Profit On Pinterest MP3 (1 hour) $15. Value
  • Bonus Pinterest Q&A With Melissa Taylor Author of Pinterest Savvy MP3 (50 minutes) $15.00 Value
  • The Busy Author’s Guide To Popularity And Profit On Pinterest eBook (56 Pages) $9.99 Value
  • How to Make Your Own Pins Using Step by Step Guide $4.99 Value

Profit & Popularity on Pinterest

Questions Answered:

  • What about Pinterest for business?
  • Does Pinterest have a feature where you can switch easily between your personal and business/book account like Facebook does?
  • How do you know a person came to your website from Pinterest?
  • How do you protect your images from being used by others or for other businesses?
  • Is there a way to give your street team access to your Pinterest board?
  • Can you automatically pin your posts to your board?
  • How does pinning other people’s stuff help you sell books?
  • How can authors who have a website but not a blog use Pinterest?
  • Can I just hire a teenager to do this for me? So I can just write?
  • What about putting book covers of my favorite books? Is this legal?
  • How important is the board description? Any tips for what should be encoded in that description?
  • You recommended some photo editing sites, but what about sites where I can purchase download photos or other graphics to use on Pinterest?
  • Plus many more...

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