Talking Points:

Kinds of editors:

  • Developmental editor (Successful authors) The macro edit
  • Line edit editors
  • Beta reader editors
  • Copy editor (Grammar Nazi)
  • Proofreaders (Details person)

Places to find an editor:

  • Writers’ Conference (Ask the faculty for recommendations. They will likely recommend fellow faculty who you can talk with. 15m consult)
  • Recommendation from a successful author
  • The acknowledgements of a book with a similar style.
  • Editor marketplace like

What to look for in an editor

  • By their fruits you will know them.
  • Looks for a track record of commercial success.
  • Level 0 Editor: just starting out
  • Level 1 Editor: only edited for self published books (only a some of which are on Amazon).
  • Level 2 Editor: has been editing for a while and occasionally freelances for traditional publishing house.
  • Level 3 Editor: used to work full time for a traditional publisher.
  • Level 4 Editor: has edited a New York Times bestselling book.
  • Level 5 Editor: has edited multiple New York Times Bestselling books.
  • Do they match your personality style? How will you work together?

Places NOT to find an editor:

  • Your friend from college/church who has an English degree
  • The editor who is doing a lot of marketing (the best editors are booked solid)
  • Someone who loves to read and has always wanted to break into editing so they’ll save you a ton of money and do your edit for free


Final Tips:

  • Find a happy client before hiring someone and talk to them about the editor’s style
  • Ask for a sample edit first. Ask all the editors to edit the same sample so you can make an apples to apples comparison.
  • Make sure your editor is a good fit for your writing style.



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