If you are new to Twitter here are 7 people you will want to follow.

They share helpful advice and many of them are authors, so if you want a good example to follow here it is:

1. @AuthorMedia shares tips that help you do more in less time.

2. @BookMarketer shares tips on how to promote your book online and offline.

3. @PhenixandPhenix is one of the top book publicity firms. They share great tips and news.

4. @KathyIde shares grammar tips. If you don’t want to follow her, it’s a sign that you need to follow her.

5. @MaryDeMuth gives great writing tips for authors.

6. @MichaelHyatt is the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He is the publishing industry expert.

7. @RachelleGardner is a literary agent with so many tips to share she created the #PubTip hashtag.

There are many other folks worth following but these seven are a great place to get started.

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