Today we’re going to talk about how to market yourself to yourself. Yo dog I heard you like marketing. But in all seriousness he person who is the toughest to sell to … you. Most of us have a voice in our heads that is incredibly critical of everything we do.  Talking Points: Isn’t that true? The person we’re hardest on is ourselves. We beat ourselves up more than other people do. We’re more willing to quit on ourselves than others are.


  • You are not alone.
  • James talks about rejection
    • It’s reality—I know a lot of authors and only know one who was never rejected …
    • Room at the top
    • Maybe you’re thinking of quitting right now
    • After my first novel was rejected … biggest dream … Darci …
  • Why people quit
    • Stop believing in themselves
    • Not enough encouragement
    • Get worn out
    • It’s not important enough
  • Why you need Simon Cowell
    • Magic show Simon Cowell
  • The question of craft
  • James story of rejection/decision- Allen Arnold
    • Time to decide once and for all
  • Are you called to write? Really? Or do you just want to play a bit? Either is okay
  • Specific ways to market to yourself
    • Write yourself a letter from the future (
    • Read inspiring autobiographies
    • Watch Biography on TV
    • Ask to hear stories from other writers
    • Do something creative with your rejections
    • Face the pain- Steve Laube/Chip MacGregor




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