Sure, social media gurus benefit from having a Twitter account–but what about you, the novelist?

Isn’t the site just for bloggers and tech-geeks?


Here are five reasons novelists should be on this “micro” social media site:

1. Twitter is brimming with story ideas

Writers get their ideas from all sorts of places–news articles, poignant images, odd juxtapositions, and many others. All of those things are the site, and the great thing is that they are presented to you in bite-sized pieces of 140 characters, so you can scroll through dozens of them in a short amount of time.

Any novelist on Twitter that doesn’t have her radar up for possible story ideas is doing herself a to tweet.

2. Twitter enables authors to engage and connect with their fans

You know, those people who read and love your book(s)? You should appreciate them, and a tweet is a great way to show that appreciation. Answer questions, ask questions, hold contests, promote things your fans are passionate about, etc.

Getting a personal response from an author is very gratifying, and it builds loyalty. It’s easy to do that with a to tweet.

 3. Twitter helps authors find potential fans

Which books out there are similar to yours? Now you can find people who are passionate about those books or authors with simple searches. Once you’ve found someone who tweets about the kinds of books you write, ease yourself into their field of vision.

Don’t ever say “Did you like this? Then you’ll love my book.” Ever.

Look for ways to engage them in conversation about the things they are already passionate about–like that other author’s book. – click to tweet.

 4. Twitter gives authors viral potential

Be careful what you wish for–you don’t want to go viral as the crazy author who said that. But if you do something exceptional, the site is a great place for that witticism, link, or insight to catch fire and get passed from person to person.

A popular tweet can be a great way to add new followers without marketing to tweet.

5. Twitter makes authors easy to find and promote

If you have a vibrant account, it is likely to be one of the first things to pop up in Google for your name or the name of your book(s). A well-maintained page succinctly communicates who you are, what you write, and a bit of your personality.

Being on Twitter makes it easy for people to recommend you and link to you all over the to tweet.


Why are you on Twitter? Leave your username in the comments!

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