On the Author Media blog, we focus on the technology side of writing; how to set up your social media sites, use WordPress like a pro, and understand how technology influences your chances of getting published.

But there’s another side to the coin that you can’t afford to forget. As a writer, you must write.

You must face the challenge of leveraging technology so you can tell your story to a captive audience. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by technology and forget why you are even attempting to learn.

It’s about your story.

There are four writing blogs that I recommend to all of my clients. They will help you sharpen your writing skills and tell you story in an engaging way on the internet.

1. Jeff Goins is a storyteller who started his writing blog in 2010 to shed light on the personal side of being a writer. He’s been helping thousands of writers like you find their voices, pursue their passion, and stay sane  I read Jeff’s blog because his advice is solid. Every time that I read his blog, I come away with a nugget of truth that helps me sharpen my writing skills. GoinsWriter.com. (Note to readers: Is your blog providing the same kind of advice? It needs to. Readers crave that kind of personalization.)

2. CopyBlogger is one of the top industry sites for a reason. Their advice is not for the novelist but for the writer who suddenly finds themselves trying to write for the web. If you blog or write copy that winds up one the web, you need to follow this blog. I recommend this site to all of my clients and read it myself.  Copyblogger.com/blog 

3. Writer’s Digest has five different blogs for writers. Get advice on grammar, choosing an agent, and even writing poetry. If it pertains to writing and publishing, someone at Writer’s Digest has it covered. It’s just up to you to read. WritersDigest.com/editor-blog

4. Pro Blogger is where professional bloggers go to get better. With over 600 pages of free content, you’ll learn about the nitty gritty techniques that will add polish to your blog. You’ll also learn how identify if your website
is ready for advertisers and if you are ready to start blogging for money.  ProBlogger.net/blog/

Which writing blogs do you read?

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