In this episode we’re going to talk about book marketing milestones and how knowing them will help you focus on what matters most the moment.

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This episode comes from listener Becca Kinze who says, “First, your podcast has been extremely helpful and I look forward to each of your episodes, so thank you for taking the time to do it.

“My biggest irritation when it comes to marketing is yes, that I have to do it, but more so when to do it. Are there milestones a beginning writer should reach before building a website, for example? Or starting a newsletter? I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to dive right in and start gaining followers, but in the same way I wouldn’t want to send a proposal that’s not ready, I don’t want to build a platform that’s not ready.”

Marketing Milestones for Fiction

  1. Discover and define who you are
  2. Build your website (debate)
  3. Write a short story
  4. Write your first book
  5. Write another short story
  6. Refine who you are
  7. Refine/Build your website
  8. Start an Email List
  9. Build a Landing Page for your short story Reader Magnet
  10. Promote the short story one on one and send people to the landing page.
  11. Write the second book.
  12. Advertise/PR
  13. Experiment

Marketing Milestones for Nonfiction

  1. Discover and define who you are
  2. Build your website and blog
  3. Blog/Podcast/video on your topic.
    1. Promote posts one on one.
    2. Getting feedback from your listeners!
  4. Start an email list. Connect it to your blog so new posts go out as emails.
  5. Create a Reader Magnet (Tip Sheet, Printable, Guide, Etc.)
  6. Write the book
  7. Advertise
  8. Experiment


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