In this episode we have a special interview about how author David Rawling’s publishing dream came true … and what you can learn from it for your own dream.

(Thomas) Getting published is hard, especially if you live outside of the country. Here is how David did it and if can do it, you can do it too. Tips, ideas … what you can do that David did.

Show Notes

Talking Points:

David, I want to start with where you are now … and then go back and talk about the path your took to get here … because I think it’s going to be inspiring, and encouraging and enlightening for any author whether they’re independently published, trad published, or hybrid. So … you signed a deal with HarperCollins a year or so ago, and you have your first novel coming out with them in mere months.

  • Love it … give us the pitch for the book.
  • Alright, you have this cool novel coming out, you already have a nice buzz going for it … take us back to the beginning. How did all this get started?
  • What are the things you think made a difference in getting to the place you are now?
  • How much would you say your marketing background played into your getting published?
  • I want to talk for a moment about your commitment … you’ve come to a major writing conference, ACFW, TWICE now. That’s not such a huge commitment if you live in the US, but you came from Australia where you had to invest a huge amount of time and money … talk to us about that decision.
  • I wasn’t at AFCW this past fall, but I watched your Facebook posts and loved seeing how well you networked and met people and engaged really well. Talk to us about how important that part of publishing is … the relationships … and what came out of those new friendships.
  • What would you tell that author that’s been working at this crazy publishing game for years and is getting frustrated … they feel like giving up, but deep inside they know they’re supposed to be on this path?
  • Quick Tips:
    • Show us your real personality- show us who you are
    • Video is going to be huge in 2019, but have a reason to be watched
    • Focus on Social … not Media, engage, build friendships, help others with their marketing.
  • Where can people find out more about you and The Baggage Handler?

Website: David Rawlings

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