In this episode we are going to talk about how to take charge of your career in ways that will make it fly higher, faster, and for longer … And to help us figure all that out are two special guests, Megan Haskell, and Greta Boris. Megan and Greta are bestselling, award winning authors that co-own Orange County Writers, a network of published and aspiring authors. Welcome to the program, ladies!

Show Notes

  • We know we should take charge of our career, but many of us aren’t even sure what that means? Can you explain that a bit?
    • Guide for helping you overcome the overwhelm.
    • Figuring out which pathway to take. Which thing do I need to know more about?
    • How patient are you?
    • How willing are you to give up the reins?
    • Are you organized enough to be a project manager? Set deadlines and MEET them? Can you do that?
  • What are the areas that, if we changed them, can make the most immediate impact?
  • Finding time to write seems to be an evergreen issue … what counsel do you give writers?
    • You have to establish habits. Start small. Then build on them.
    • Triggers. Put yourself in the right mind set. For example, opening up the doc, and re-reading, listening to Brain FM. That’s the trigger.
    • Prep time. Plan. Schedule it. And knowing what you’re going to right before you sit down.
    • Spend the first few minutes before each writing session Brain Dumping
  • How can we use the “Brain Dump” technique in order to write faster?
    • No delete, no backspace, no editing at all. This uses a different part of your brain, you’re seeing snapshots, you can get into a creative flow easier. If you have to think about periods … you eliminate all those distractions.
    • Include sensory detail … 2 minutes before you start writing the scene. Puts you in the mind set to starting writing.
    • Can help you untangle things … brain is freed up to find an answer.
  • We know you have some killer productivity hacks that will help authors, what are some of the most powerful?
    • Write in sprints, Pomodoro
    • Be mobile as possible. Scrivner is on every device. Can work whenever there’s five or ten minutes. Fifty or a hundred words on mobile devices. It all adds up!
    • Don’t waste time on social media.
    • Use the Enneagram personality test to see who your characters are
  • There’s been a lot of great ideas you’ve talked about … but if there was only one thing you could suggest our listeners do, what would it be?
    • Schedule the writing time, and
    • Brain Dump- turn off the inner editor

Where can we find out more about Orange County Writers and about each of you?

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