In this episode, we talk about how to reduce book marketing liabilities and develop assets. The more assets you have, the easier books are to sell.


The Rubart Writing Academy Oct 25-28th 2018

Book Marketing Liability Examples

  • Other Priorities
    • Family, Netflix, job, friendships, garden … time on your Smart Phone
  • Fear
  • Debt (The more debt you are in, the harder it is to spend money to build assets)
  • Negative Self Talk (Technology (I’m not a techie person.), Worth, Etc.)
  • Toxic Relationships (If I promote my memoir too much I will hurt my mom’s feelings.)
  • Physical Impediments


Book Marketing Assets Examples:

  • Position of Influence (Pastor, CEO, President)
  • Positive Relationships With Influential People
  • Website
    • Blog
    • Podcast
    • Email List
  • Social Media Following
  • YouTube Following
  • Previous Books
  • Health, Energy
  • Reliable Laptop
  • Smart Phone
  • Speaking Abilities & Opportunities
  • Cash / Time


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