In this episode we are going to talk about Email Marketing for Humans. Email Marketing is the #1 tool for driving book sales. It is the tractor that pulls all the other marketing efforts behind it. We talk a lot about how important growing your email list.

Today we will be talking with email marketing expert Bryan Cohen. Bryan is a two-time USA Today bestselling author and the co-host of the Sell More Books Show Podcast. He’s also written over 850 book descriptions for other authors in a variety of genres and he boasts over 30,000 email subscribers for his fiction and nonfiction email lists.

I will add that the sell more books show is a good companion to Novel Marketing. They cover news while we cover tend to cover timeless marketing fundamentals.


  • Why should authors bother with email when readers get so many messages already?
    1. You’re playing the percentages … a higher percentage will interact to email than any other social media platform.
  • Why do authors have trouble connecting with their readers via email?
    1. Uncomfortable … feels weird to be selling …
    2. Spotlight Effect
  • What are some of the mistakes you see with author newsletters?
    1. Infrequent … once a quarter isn’t going to do it
    2. No meat, just “buy”! Or rambling emails, where the link is buried at the bottom.
    3. Links to seven different things … no real point, you’ve watered it down
    4. Being genuine is key/real stories/be yourself
  • How do authors usually set up emails to go out to their readers?
    1. Automated emails to the new subscribers …
  • How do you get more subscribers?
    1. QUALITY subscribers? Organic. Not the popular answer, but the real one.
    2. Have a website, great content,
    3. I like what you were saying about organic: Make it super obvious how & why to subscribe.
  • Does setting up automatic emails make you seem like less of a person and more like a company?
    1. Ask a question
    2. Add the first name
    3. Don’t go crazy with the graphics
  • How do you make this process more comfortable?
    1. Block out a day and write your emails. You’ll start to get into the flow.
  • What’s the best place for our audience to connect with you, Bryan?
  • And, since our audience are readers, as well as writers, which of your novels would you suggest they start with?


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