Want to Sell More Books This Christmas Than Ever Before?

The Christmas season is a sales juggernaut, if you know the ways to jump on that train. We give you 12 ideas that will cost you little to nothing, but could fill up your stocking in a really jolly way.


Christmas is a Tricky time to market. December is a slow month for web traffic.

  1. Remind people that books make great gifts.

  2. Make your blog/social media seasonal. Think of ways to make the Christmas season less stressful and more fun.

  3. Create a 12 Days of Your Book with a 12 blog post Count Down.

  4. Post a “Gift Guide” on your blog.

  5. Scavenger Hunt

  6. Post book related Christmas recipes to your blog.

  7. Pick a Charity to Partner with and financially support.

  8. Gift Bundles:

    1. 2 Book Bundles (Buy one get one free) or (Buy one Give one)

    2. Bundles with Other Authors

  9. Build Your List With a Christmas Gift:

    1. Christmas Short Stories

    2. Deleted Scenes

    3. Behind the Scenes Trivia

    4. Autographed copy

    5. Giftwrap

    6. Do a “Give the paper copy get the electronic copy.” promotion.

  10. Create a digital product offer for last minute shoppers.

  11. eBook Sales Surge Dec 25 & 26

  12. Gift Card Surge Dec 26-31



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