Don’t waste your time online.

As an author, you only have so much time and you can’t spend it all hunting down files, flipping through photo albums, and trying to track down that one website you saw a few years ago that suddenly disappeared from your bookmarks.

You are a writer. You should be writing. You should be blogging on your professional author website.

Here are ten Chrome extensions that will help spike your productivity.

1. Evernote Web Clipper

We’ve raved about Evernote in the past. Industry leaders like Michael Hyatt swear by it. It’s easier than ever to use the powerful program. The Evernote Web Clipper extension allows you to highlight text from the web and instantly add it to an Evernote folder. You can save an entire web page with a click. Just say yes. You’ll be surprised how much you use it.

2. Dropbox

Every employee at Author Media has a Dropbox account. We’re not part of an affiliate program (maybe we should be!), we simply believe in the flexibility that Dropbox offers users. I can upload a file from the West Coast and instantly, my assistant can access it from a few thousand miles away. The Chrome extension makes it easier than ever to access files. Dropbox is free, but only to a certain limit.

3. TimOut

Ever feel like you are doing too many things at the same time? Like your multitasking has gotten so out of hand that you can’t even remember what you were supposed to be doing in the first place? It happens. All the time. Enter TimOut and the pomodoro technique. The idea is to spend 25 minutes on a specific task, then 5 minutes on a short break, followed by 15 minutes of a longer break. Many authors and business people swear by the pomodoro technique. Maybe it’s time you give it a go.

4. TweetDeck

Serious about Twitter? Install TweetDeck, Twitter’s application for managing your account deftly. You can follow hashtags, schedule posts, shorten links, and tweet to your heart’s content. TweetDeck makes managing your account easy. Just make sure it doesn’t manage you.

5. AdBlock

AdBlock is the most popular Chrome extension. If you have research to do on the internet, cut back on your distractions. With AdBlock, it’s like the ads aren’t even there. Great for your time and your wallet.


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Looking for that elusive perfect word? The one that will make your heart flutter, your readers chuckle, and impress your editor all at the same time? Try this extension from Now that baffling word that boggles your mind is only a few keystrokes away!

7. A Quotation

Need a quote? Maybe a daily dose of inspiration to help you write a blog post for your author website? A Quotation will give it to you. It’s not difficult to navigate, simple to use, and the clean design is easy on the eyes.

8. Mind Meister

Do you have a book plot swimming around in your brain? Do you need to just get it out on paper but don’t know where to start? Mind Meister is a popular mind mapping application. When you get your ideas out on a mind map, your thoughts suddenly become more organized and attainable. Many authors use mind mapping to create their next book. It’s worth trying!

9. Pic Monkey

You don’t have to take classes in Photoshop to have great graphics on your website. This free extension has some paid features but you can do quite a bit with the basic package. Touch up photos before posting them and make people think you are a better photographer than you are – Pic Monkey makes it easy.

10. Wunderlist

Create a to-do list that is so pretty you’ll want to cross things off of it. You can sync your Wunderlist across your different devices, making it easy to check things off on the go. You can also add notes and notifications. Keep yourself on track.


11. Pin Search

Behold one of the best tools in recent history. Ever been on Pinterest and wondered  where to find the original image? Be it a dress, a book, or a poster, it can be absolutely maddening when you can’t find where it’s sold online. Enter Pin Search, my new best friend for Pinterest. It’s saved hundreds of hours.


Which Chrome extensions do you recommend?

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