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During a critical emergency when my website crashed twice, and upon recommendation from writer friends, I looked to Author Media to bail me out. I needed assurance of a safe, secure, workable website. They walked me through the steps for doing WordPress myself, which I was beginning to hate with a passion. Now I have a stable, attractive, user-friendly website (for both myself and customers). Much gratitude for the staff at Author Media!

Cherie Fresonke

Why did I wait so long to hire Author Media to do my website? If you are like me, wait no longer! The site is everything I hoped for and beyond what I could have imagined. Their amazing staff not only captured the essence of who I am, but they were able to exhibit every aspect of my ministry from author, speaker, teacher and missionary. Best yet, the site is already reaching my main goal—to minister to those who are hurting! Thanks Author Media! There are rewards in heaven awaiting you!

“Author Media helped set the foundational platform for Releasing Truth. Thomas and his team are professionals who are on the cutting edge in website development and social media. Time was taken to incorporate an extra design element important to me.

Their patience was clearly visible as I gained confidence in this unknown territory. Leah held my hand through the entire process, and today, I feel quite tech-savvy! Thank you, Author Media.”

“Author Media delivered my dream website. This is the third website I’ve spent time and money building in the past four years. I decided to re-do my website which was only a year old because I needed better results for attracting viewers and subscribers. Leah is great in helping me to define my strategy and holding my hand to work hard in keeping my content current, relevant and remarkable.

Within 2 weeks after the website launch, I received four book pre-orders and a new booking for a speaking engagement. Thank you Leah and team for your patience. I am proud to showcase my website!”

“I had the joy of creating not just one website with Author Media, but two! Using the fully customized Gold package for one site and the start-with-a-template Bronze package for the other site worked perfectly for my needs. Both websites have a unique look and function, are easily navigated, clean in design, and get tons of compliments from my readers. The process from ideas to finished websites was (almost) painless, thanks to my wonderful rep, Hannah, who guided me every step of the way, teaching me as we went, so I could confidently handle updates myself. Anytime I have a question, the team at Author Media has been quick to help. I could not be happier with my investment of time and money and am delighted with the finished products!”
Liz Curtis Higgs, award-winning speaker and New York Times best-selling author of Mine Is the Night.

“As a debut author, I needed a website that reflected my brand, brought in readers, and was easy to maintain. Author Media gave me all that and more. Leah walked this less-than-tech-savvy writer through the process with endless patience, enlightening me on everything from blogging to SEO. Thanks to Author Media, I have a website to be proud of and—even better—one that I’m confident I can maintain while focusing on what I really want to do: write books.”

“I could not have been more pleased with the website building experience. Everything turned out just as I wanted it. They were quickly responsive to the early-on glitches, few though they were. They were great to work with on every level.”

”I am thankful for Author Media and my ‘building partner’ Leah for taking my rough ideas, semi-formed dreams and hopes and combining them into a platform for my non-profit ministry. They worked hard to make it mine, rather than making mine fit into their pre-designed formula.

For anyone wanting to move from obscurity and irrelevance onto a stage of increasing possibilities, Author Media will get you there.”

“My old website was static, and uninteresting with a little link to a blog on a separate server and a few buttons to buy my books. I wanted a website that would be dynamic, informative, change with every blog post, allow my friends to have ready access to my books and DVDs and let them connect with me on all my social network sites. Author Media gave me that and a lot more. I love my website!!! Thank you Author Media.”

“Author Media took a bunch of my energy and a whole lot of my material and created a vibrant, fantastic website. I now have a working expression of my passion put up on the world wide web.

Author Media trained me how to use and edit my site. The whole process has put a mega-shot of energy into me to take my ideas to the next step.

I could have not spent the money. And I know where I’d be now. I’d be dreaming of how to make all this happen.”