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Announcing MyBookTable 1.3

MyBookTable is now the #1 WordPress Bookstore plugin on the WordPress repository. We have been hard at work making MBT even better. We are excited to announce version 1.3 now with GetNoticed! Integration and much more.

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Announcing MyBookTable 1.2 – Now With Book Reviews & GoodReads Integration


This new version of MyBookTable comes with book reviews, GoodReads integration, more shortcode options, breadcrumbs, drag and drop book sorting and more!

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Announcing MyBookTable – a WordPress Bookstore Plugin for Author Websites


We are excited to announce MyBookTable, our first WordPress built for the general public. In the past, to get access to Author Media technology and expertise you had to buy an author website from us. No more.

Now you can download the MyBookTable plugin for free.

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How a Car Can Unlock Your Author Website

Your website is like a car

Websites explained in a way that makes sense for the automotive aficionado.

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Our Viral Blog Post Formula

Blogging template

We’re sharing our secret blog post formula with the rest of the world. Good blog posts should happen more often. We’re helping that happen.

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How to Keep Your WordPress Site Secure From Hackers

Computer hacker

Every day, an army of evil computers are trying to hack into WordPress sites. Have you fallen victim? Here’s how to protect yourself.

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March Author Website Launches

author website launch

Authors, nonprofits, and America’s Mad Professor of Fiction Writing..oh my! Find out whose sites we launched in March.

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You Need To Kill Your Blog’s Dates

Kill Blog Dates

Not that kind of date! You should kill the ugly urls on your site and replace them with pretty permalinks. We’ll explain why and how. Keep reading.

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Announcing the MyBookTable Kickstarter – a WordPress Bookstore Plugin

MyBookTable Icon

We’re creating a WordPress Plugin to help authors sell more books and make affiliate money through sites likes Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We need your help.

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How to Schedule Your Posts in WordPress 3.5


Confused by how to schedule posts in WordPress 3.5? Never fear, we’ve got a step by step guide for you.

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