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What Facebook’s New Feed Will Mean For Authors

Facebook Icon

Just when you thought had finally gotten used to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg decided to change things up on you. We explain how you can make the jump.

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10 Important Questions You Should Ask A Website Company Before Buying A New Website

Buying a new website

Buying a new website can be tricky. We’ll tell you what questions you need to ask before handing over your money to a website company.

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10 Ways Proven to Draw Readers to Your Novel’s Website

Most author websites go ignored because the novelists don’t know the following ten tricks…

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Website Critique – Tiffany Cole

Tiffany Cole

Today, we’re critiquing a reader website. She’s a writer, editor, and entrepreneur. Here’s what you can learn from her website.

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13 Ways to Scare Readers Away from Your Book’s Website

Few things scare readers more than bad author website design. Here are 13 proven ways to scare people away from your book website.

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When Should I Launch My Author Website?

Authors often ask me, “How do I know if my website is ready to launch?” This is a great question because many authors use the wrong approach.

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4 Free Photo Editing Tools You’ll Love

Photo that needs to be edited

Want to save some money by taking your own pictures? Whip them into website-worthy shape with one of these 4 free photo editing tools.

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Why There Are No Perfect Author Websites

There’s no such thing as the perfect website. That includes ours. There’s always room for improvement. Always.

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7 Things Agents & Publishers Look for in Author Websites (2012 Edition)

Apple Toothbrush

If you want to attract agents and publishers for your next book, you need to check these seven things about your website before they do.

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Why print designers fail at web design

Designing for the web is a different skill than designing for print. Print designers who learn these three simple differences will see a dramatic increase in the effectiveness of their designs.

Otherwise their designs will fall flat. Feel free to share this article with the print designers in your life.

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