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6 Things Readers Want from Your Author Website

If you build it they won’t come. The only way to get people to visit your author website is to give them something they are looking for. But what is that? This article summarizes research done by the Codex Group about what readers want from author websites.

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Why You Need A Hashtag For Your Next Book

Using hashtags to promote your book

Twitter isn’t going anywhere.
The sad thing is, most authors are ignoring it. They can’t afford to.
Here’s why you should use a hashtag for your next book.

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The 6 Magic Words That Always Get Clicks

Discover which six magic words will get clicks for your blog. Just don’t use them all at the same time. That would be messy.

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Set Up Your Author Pinterest Profile In 10 Easy Steps

Pinterest is the hottest new network. We explain how authors can get on, maximize their time, and use it as a powerful marketing tool.

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How To Build A Community On Your Blog

Everyone talks about building a community on your blog. But it’s not something you can do overnight. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves.

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44 Essential Twitter Hashtags Every Author Should Know

It’s not enough to be on Twitter. As an author, you need to be using Twitter hashtags to help use your time wisely. Learn how.

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7 Secrets for Amazing Author Websites

Most author websites fail to sell enough books to reimburse the author for the cost of building the website.

The reason is because most authors don’t know the following seven secrets.

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5 Keys for Magnetic Blog Titles

Most blog titles are about as magnetic as a skunk. Learn how to write titles for your blog posts that will pull in more readers.

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5 Things Visitors Don’t Want From Your Author Blog

Don’t waste your time doing things on your author blog that turn your readers away. Learn what readers don’t want from your website.

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