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7 Things Santa Can Teach Us About Book Marketing

Santa can teach authors a lot about book marketing. How to dress well is not one of them.

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Your Book is Your Business

If you are a writer, you need to start thinking about your book like it’s your business.

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How to Do an A/B Split Test With MailChimp


Want to know what your readers like? That’s why the A/B Split Test was created. We’ll teach you how to create one using MailChimp.

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How to Add “Click to Tweet” to Your Blog Posts

Click to tweet

Ever wonder how authors add “Click to tweet” in their blog posts? We’ll show you how to use Click to Tweet and drive traffic to your blog.

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How We Grew Our Traffic By 323% in 15 Months

Do you want to grow your traffic? We’ll show you how we grew our traffic by 323% in just 15 months.

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100 Things for Authors To Tweet About

Twitter Bird Logo Twitter Questions

Ever feel like you are stuck in a tweeting rut? We’ve compiled 100 things for authors to tweet about…without sounding like an infomercial.

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50+ Things To Blog About When You Have Writer’s Block

Writer’s block hits at the worst time. Here are some things to blog about to get your creative juices flowing again.

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How to Win Agents and Influence Editors at a Writer’s Conference Webinar

Every writer needs their own Mr. Miyagi to teach them how to win agents and influence editors at writer’s conferences. Ready to meet your Mr. Miyagi?

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10 Best Chrome Extensions for Authors

Chrome extensions for authors

Don’t waste your time online.
You are a writer. You should be writing.
Use these Chrome extensions to maximize your time online.

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Why You Need A Hashtag For Your Next Book

Using hashtags to promote your book

Twitter isn’t going anywhere.
The sad thing is, most authors are ignoring it. They can’t afford to.
Here’s why you should use a hashtag for your next book.

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