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Authors: Piracy is Not Your Enemy

Many authors are terrified that someone will steal their work. They don’t realize their true enemy is obscurity not piracy.

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How to Use Google Authorship to Boost SEO and Reduce Piracy

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As an author, you can’t afford to ignore Google’s authorship program. We’ll tell you what you need to know about this new development.

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The Truth About SOPA And PIPA

Pirate Flag SOPA

SOPA is not your friend. As a blogger, it could land you in jail. Concerned? Keep reading.

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Why Copyrights Can Hurt Authors

When our founding fathers created the copyright they did it to encourage the spread of ideas. Copyrights, like patents, only lasted 14 years. Hollywood changed all that and every 5 years or so they extend copy right by 5 years. The result? Millions of books have been locked in paper prisons rotting into oblivion.

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