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How to Do an A/B Split Test With MailChimp


Want to know what your readers like? That’s why the A/B Split Test was created. We’ll teach you how to create one using MailChimp.

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7 Reasons Why MailChimp is Better than Constant Contact for Author Newsletters

Constant Contact is the most popular solution for author newsletters. But is it the best? Here are 7 reasons why I prefer Mail Chimp to Constant Contact.

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How Authors Can Survive The Death of Google Reader


Caught off guard by Google Reader’s death sentence? Here are ways you can survive as an author.

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8 Elements of Effective Author Newsletters


To create a newsletter that gets results, use the following eight components. These elements apply regardless of whether you’re creating an email or print version. Schedule print newsletters to leaders every 90 days, and email newsletters to your audience every 30 days.

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How This Little Orange Icon Can Save You Time

We’ve all seen this orange icon. But did you know that in 5 years it will be more important than email? It reworks the internet saving people massive amounts of time. You are an author and your time is at a premium. We guarantee reading this post will be a good time investment or your money back :-)

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