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The Best Way to Track Site Statistics

What do your readers want? Without knowing the answer you can’t make them happy. Tracking your site stats allows you you to make adjustments to thrill your readers. If you want advocates you need to read this post.

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Our Viral Blog Post Formula

Blogging template

We’re sharing our secret blog post formula with the rest of the world. Good blog posts should happen more often. We’re helping that happen.

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How We Grew Our Traffic By 323% in 15 Months

Do you want to grow your traffic? We’ll show you how we grew our traffic by 323% in just 15 months.

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19 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Blog [Video]

Thomas Umstattd Secrets of Effective Blogs

Ever wonder what the secret to an excellent blog is? Thomas Umstattd shares the 12 secrets of excellent blogs in this video.

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How to Make Money With Your Author Blog

Some authors make more money on their websites than they do in royalties.

Here is how they do it.

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7 Blogs Every Author Should Follow

One of the best way to improve your writing is to learn from the best. Here are seven blogs that not only are good examples of excellent blogging but will also help you hone your craft and sell your books.

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How To Connect Your Blog to Facebook

So you want to promote your blog on Facebook? Learn how to update your friends when you have new posts and make it easy for them to spread the word about your blog.

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Top 5 Blog Title Mistakes Authors Make

For someone to bother to read your blog it must be the most interesting thing on the internet – for that person at that time. If anything else is more interesting they will go there.

Your only chance to catch people’s attention is with your titles. No pressure.

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Why Your Blog Should Be Your Book’s First Draft

So you’re working on a book and not sure where to find time to start a blog? No problem. Use your blog as your rough draft.

This post will give you 7 reasons why you should post your book to your blog as you write it.

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Where To Find Free & Legal Stock Photos Online

Stop using google image search. Using those images is often illegal and they are not the best images anyway. Here are a dozen sites that are better and legal.

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