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Standard Pages for A Non-Fiction Website

Last week we talked about standard pages for a fiction website. Today, we’re talking to the non-fiction authors. While the pages on your site will mostly be the same, your strategy will be slightly different.   1. Blog/Home While the blog does not have to be on the home page, …

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Standard Pages for A Fiction Website


Are you a fiction writer building your own site? If so, this post is for you. Through our experience in working with dozens of fiction authors, these are the pages that we’ve found every fiction website needs. 1. Home This is your landing page, the first page your visitors will …

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4 Signs of A Bad Plugin

4 Signs of a bad plugin

Plugins. They’re great. They’re useful. They save you from having to pay a developer to spend hours coding your site to contain all the functionality you need or want. But plugins come with a dark side: they can interfere with other parts of your site. Sometimes they just make things …

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How to Add a Plugin to Your WordPress Site

Installing a plugin

One of the great things about is its flexibility. Unlike other platforms, such as Blogger &, allows you the ability to add functionality to your site in the form of plugins. What is a plugin, exactly? The technical definition is “a software component that adds a specific …

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