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Over the years, we’ve built professional author websites for many best-selling authors. Looking at our portfolio,
you might even see some names you recognize.

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Author Holly Varni asked us to make her a Gold Website which would reflect upon her upcoming “Moon Lake” series, based on the appearance of her hometown in the Northern Woods of Minnesota. Her website also incorporates her blog, her collection of recipes, and more!

Ever since Barbara’s daughter suffered from severe addiction, Barbara knew that her goal was to support and care for families whose children also suffered from addiction. She is able to accomplish her goal with her new Silver Website she asked us to make. Her site is now a beacon of hope to families enduring the suffering of their loved ones!

Nan Rinella, former flight attendant and current speaker and author, had her first site,, built by us; she liked it so much that she had us build her a second site as well! The goal of her Silver Website is to share her vast knowledge of travel safety with women who aspired to travel around the world.

When Cherie came to us, she knew her main goal: minister to those who are hurting. To help her achieve that goal, Cherie bought a Silver Website. Cherie believes her site captures her personality and helps all aspects of her ministry gain exposure.

Randy has helped thousands of authors over the years with his website and resources. When he came to Author Media, he had some pretty specific needs like a new store, better navigation, a cleaner page, and keeping 32,000 readers happy. Randy ended up with a custom Gold site.

Bestselling author Angela Hunt has written over 100 books and needed a website that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but would make it easy for readers to find the books they were looking for, or would find interesting. With the Gold Website Package, Angela was able to get a custom design that made her site visually pleasing and accessible to readers. In addition, she was one of the first clients to use the MyBookTable plugin on her site to sell her books.

Early on in the process, Vicki knew she wanted to incorporate a compass on the front page of her site. Since she chose the Silver Website package, she was able to work with a designer who brought her vision to reality. Vicki now has a website she can use as a platform for her ministry.

Expert breeders Jonathan and Donna Stanley have built a very successful business, and wanted a website that was both professional and attractive to potential customers. They chose the Gold Website Package, which allowed them to customize their site so it feels like you’re visiting their property while browsing their site.

Stephanie was looking for a website that would reflect her brand, be easy to maintain, and bring in readers for this debut author. She chose the Bronze Website Package, resulting in a site that puts her brand and book front and center, and reflects who she is as an author.

Pleased with the results of her first website,, Liz knew where to turn when she needed a separate website for her pictures and stories of Scotland. Liz describes this site as “Plan B,” since she can’t take all her readers to Scotland. She chose the Bronze Website Package for this project. The result is a beautiful space where she can share her pictures and stories.

Leslie knew that it was time to update her website. Her writing career had taken off and she wanted something new. That’s why she chose the Bronze Website Package.

Sandra Robbins came to Author Media wanting a specific feel for her website. Since she writes Southern romance and mystery, she wanted readers to feel like they were spending a lazy afternoon on her back porch with her, overlooking the Smoky Mountains. She chose the Silver Website Package.

When Marcher Lord Press came to us for a website, they wanted something that captured the feel that their readers have come to expect from their books. The Gold Website Package provided a great base for their new online home.

The Steve Laube Agency is one of the premier Christian literary agencies. When Steve came to us for a redesign his website, he chose the Gold Website Package. The result is a clean, professional site that reflects the company brand.

“We unabashedly recommend their (Author Media’s) services.” – Steve Laube Agency.

Almost every writer we know reads Rachelle’s blog. As one of the top literary agents, she offers readers the inside scoop on the publishing process. When she came to us, she chose the Silver Website Package.

Author Media is my go-to team of expert web designers, social media managers, and coders headed by Thomas Umstattd. They’re dedicated to making online platform-building easier for writers and publishing professionals. – Rachelle

When Carole Bell came to Author Media, she was looking for a website that would help foster an entire community.  The website was hers but she didn’t want to be the main star of the show. The real draw needed to be the topic and the community around it.

She chose the popular Silver Website Package and ended up with a modern website that focuses on parenting.

As a mother of 5, Kay Wyma didn’t have time to become a website expert. She wanted a website she could update easily. But she didn’t want a cookie-cutter site either.

Kay chose  the Gold Website Package so she could get the website she wanted.

Best-selling author Liz Curtis Higgs wanted a website that was as unique as she was. When she came to Author Media, she had an idea of the website she wanted but needed us to take it out of her head and build it on the internet.

That’s why Liz chose the Gold Website Package. She worked with our graphic designers to build the website of her dreams.

Joanna’s website is incredibly social. As a public speaker and writer, she wanted to make sure that people could connect with her. That’s why she included seven different ways for readers to contact her.  She chose the Bronze Website Package.

One essential of a successful author website is the ability to connect with your readers. We think Joanna has that covered, don’t you?

Dr. Holly Ordway came to Author Media wanting a place on the web where she could explore the intersection of literature and faith, and of reason and imagination.

The result was her beautiful website. She chose the Bronze Website Package.

How do you tell a story while writing a book? Much of the content on the Antebellum Turf Times are excerpts from a book-in-progress that chronicles the early history of thoroughbred racing in New Orleans.

The Antebellum Turf Time is a Bronze Website that was customized for a newspaper like feel.

Elizabeth came to us wanting a website that she would want to visit. It didn’t have to be customized completely to her but she still wanted it to reflect the brand she’s building.

One of the Bronze Websites clicked for Elizabeth. She was able to get everything she wanted in a pre-built site.

Connie M. Welch came to us for a Gold Site that would help spread her unique message to the world. Her site went up quickly and she was able to get started on what she really wanted to do – write!

Mary is a busy author who always has multiple projects going on simultaneously. She didn’t have the time to worry about fixing her blog or become a WordPress expert. She came to us knowing that we work exclusively with authors and that we walk them through the website process.

Mary ended up with a Silver Website Package. Not only does she have a new website but she knows how to update it. When she wants to update her website, she knows how to do it.