Announcing MyBookTable 1.3


MyBookTable is now the #1 WordPress Bookstore plugin on the WordPress repository. We have been hard at work making MBT even better. We are excited to announce version 1.3 now with GetNoticed! Integration and much more.

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Why I Love (And Hate) Digital Books


You would think that, working at a company called “Author Media,” all of the employees would be digital book fanatics, carrying around our Kindles all the time, everywhere. But that’s not the case. I, for one, have had a hard time being won over by digital books. I even went …

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5 New Year’s Resolutions Authors Should Make in 2014


It’s January again, which means time for New Year’s resolutions. It’s easy for resolutions to become bigger-than-life, difficult to keep, and discouraging. While the big dreams are necessary, it’s often the little steps that get us there…or keep us away. So for our list of suggested resolutions for 2014, we’ve …

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82 More Tweetable Quotes for Authors


Earlier this year, we made a list of 101 tweetable quotes for authors. It was a hit. So we’ve done it again. We’ve gathered a list of quotes for authors to tweet when they have Twitter block, need a dose of inspiration, or just because they find these quotes enjoyable. …

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